≤Hello every dofus player

      Today i want to introduce some thing about dofus kamas market.

However you like it or hate it,Selling game currency is a selling dofus kamas is the common thing.

       Dofus is the only game which currency keep the worthy stable.of course it is just mean DOFUS KAMAS not like other games ,when it beginning ,the price of game currency is too expensive ,but along the game get older,the currency get cheaper and cheaper.but dofus not ,dofus kamas have keep a stable price for a long time.
      I speak with 's boss mr wang,He said his kamas most from the real player,his site have a system can let the players sell their over-need kamas ,and then he sell to some players how want in kamas.and some from Chinese kamas farmer.
  I speak to several site staff.most people said ,dofus kamas market get less ,In old days ,the kamas marketing can reach 10000 usd per day.These days maybe drop in 4000-5000 USD per day.Donot know what happened.Maybe the new players of dofus get less and less.
     many good kamas seller have gone ,i belive .in my remeber is a good kamas seller in old days ,but now i cannot open that site.and ,shopdofus,all nearly disappeared in game.
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